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Wieland Fined $350 K by EPA

Welcome to Georgia Mold Home.com. We would like to share some valuable information about our home which was built by JOHN WIELAND Homes. Most people are exited to show off their wonderful homes. In this case this is not true! After the last nail was hit, the check cleared, here is the harsh reality....

Our home is ruined with water damage and mold throughout the whole house. Upon inspection after inspection, health experts consider this house to be deadly and not to be inhabited! So what is the recourse for vulnerable new homeowners who are suffereing with significant health problems due to mold poisoning? A normal person would realize they made a mistake and own up to it for every single ethical reason. This is NOT the case.

For EVERY HOMEOWNER, please read through this website . Also, if you have a story to tell, please email us and let us know how your dream home experience has been ruined.

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